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Recently Added Oct 9, 2012

I had this idea for a long time, and was originally fleshing it out as a Story Board... however, due to the huge demand of work, I decided to reformat it in the format of a comic instead. Just a warning; it's a huge one, so you will probably need to scroll as bit!


Recently Added August 27, 2012

Finished commisison for client.

I'm loving the layout, so I'm positng that one up sans the charcaters as well. :)


Recently Added, August 23, 2012

Commission for client.

 Featured here, an Otter and Bass in the Woodland style. While the original was designed for the purpose of a tattoo, I deliberately change some of the tattoo designs to avoid the risk of piracy. A constant with my work, a lot of people like to nab the images [specifically tattoo parlors locally and overseas] without permission and little care to any of the cultural significance behind it. At least by changing the original, the client and barer of the image is still carrying the original and the significance.
Titled "Onigig sh-ashigan" [Ojibway].


Recently Added August 18, 2012

Partial commission for client.

Seen above the thumbnail concept. Below, the line art to the layout. I will be posting the colored version, and the final character images as well, when I complete them.
On a side note, I picked up a Star Wars comic today. It has Qui-gon in it. This makes me so happy. :)


Recently Added July 22, 2012

Did a couple of layout matte paintings for fun the other night.

I'm probably going to do a swampy one soon. I'm having an inkling for some nice water-light play. Also gearing up for my Graphic Novel, so I am putting extra hours into the painting so that I can get the palettes spot on. :)
I'm also thinking that I would LOVE to go camping in that second chasm layout. I'd also paint some pictographs on the wall... just for fun.


Recently Added June 24, 2012

I posted 4 layouts I had done while working at BigBadBoo studios in Vancouver.

These are featured in the second season of "1001 Nights", and I am especially proud of them because they were designed by myself. I was assigned these "master locations" when we found out some were missing from the "Fun Pack".. and it sure was super fun to create!


Recently Added June 12, 2012

Next card in the set was pretty strait forward:

Oddly, it was also one that was completed in one sitting... usually fiddle with the cards and tweak them endlessly... and this one just didn't. Strait forward to the end.

Originally I had included the burning red eyes, but on a second glance I really did not want such an ominous look to it. The Emperor card isn't a bad on necessarily, so I wanted to alleviate any more-than-necessary negativity to it.


Recently Added May 10, 2012

They are Back! New Star Wars Tarot!

After along hiatus, I resumed making the Star Wars Tarot cards! My goal for one a week begins with the Ace of Swords.

I was deliberating multiple aspects of this card.
First, I originally drew a Padawan/Knight figure holding the sword, but opted to remove any figures for the "Ace" cards simply to avoid any confusions with the "Master" cards of the same suit.
Second, was the color of the card- I originally wanted a darker blue color, but wanted the Ace card to reflect the "general dominant" color of the suite. After reviewing my previous cards, the dominant "Purple" color prevailed [coincidentally the color of Mace's Sword, who is also the Master of the suit].

When designing this card, one of the images that banged through my head was using the symbol for the Order of the Knights as the actual base concept. I simply punched out a rough concept of fleshing out the symbol to its more physical form- Mace Windu's sword being utilized for the Lightsaber of choice [he IS the Master of Swords, after all], all the while the wings reflecting the 2 said of the Force Users.
I opted to use Green instead of Blue [for the wing] because of a color theory purpose, more than anything else. The blue made most of the card uniform in its visual presentation, and almost "invisible".
Once again, the Lightsaber and border are iridescent- simply not visible in the scan.

Now, my major issue is how to use the same concept with the other suits. Sadly, some of the logos that fit the visual side will not fit the symbolic side, or might imply that the suit is either "good" or "evil". Time to crack that drafting board!


Recently Added March 4, 2012

Commission for Client.

I admit, I had a SUPER fun time working on this. Getting back to some pencil and acrylic basics and makin' me some fun!
I'm hoping to get an airbrush compressor soon and start testing out that medium as well. Now that I'm getting more animal-oriented images, I want to be able to do those really funky atmospheric perspective BGs with an airbrush. Totally diggin' it.


Recently Added Feb 7, 2012

Added a wall-paper sozed goodie for you all! Our favorite Vampire-werewolf duo in action!


So for this Valentine's day [or more properly known, Horney Werewolf Day], as I do every year, I try and commemorate my favorite couple in some way just to show support for love.

And if it's not Horny Werewolf Day, show your support for the kick-ass women in our lives that handle every situation with a lot of grace, guns, and gusto!

For those who can't tell, it's my favorite couple doing what they do best: The frazzled girlfriend who never knows what's going on, and Selene who handles the situation.
[Just kiddin' Mikey, we love you even though you're clueless!]

Supersized wallpaper can be adjusted to any dimension.


Recently Added Jan 2, 2012

Commission for client. It's the Big Bad Moogie!

A Newfie dog, doing what they do best- loving the snow! This particular commission commemorates Morgan's first encounter with the snow.


Recently Added Dec 30, 2011

Commission for client. Anthro Seagull whom I'm assuming gives the ol' pidgeon feeders a good scare.

He isn't in it for the crumbs, folks... he wants the whole loaf!


Recently Added Nov 26, 2011

Today I wrapped up my contract at a local Studio. It's always a great feeling of accomplishment, and also a sad one; you make so many friends that you no longer have the pleasure of coming in every day and seeing. Lucky for us, we have other ways of staying in touch, and seeing each other after hours!
On the plus side, I have more time to focus on the big events that are drawing closer by the day. Although I am busy working on multiple projects, I am pleased to present a new product up for pre-order!
 Some stylish and very practical Leather Bracelets.

Drop by The Shop in order to view ororder NorDesign items!


Recently Added Nov 22, 2011

Updated and re-organized the Shop for easier and immediate access to all the goods I am offering!
As my current contract is coming to a close this week, I'll be restocking many items over the next month. Also, new art will appear!

Thank you all for your continued support, and I hope to hear more from all of you! So feel free to e-mail me with any questions and comments you might have. :)


Recently Added Nov 5, 2011

Continuing since my last post, I am stocking up on some new items for NorDesign products. This time, a Hoodie and T-shirt featuring some new designs!


Both feature Norse related characters, and are available in S-XL sizes.

Drop by The Shop in order to view ororder NorDesign items!


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