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Recently Added, June 21, 2011

6 weeks ago I enrolled in a Flash Animation program in order to bring my technical skills up to date.
For the course, we were required to produce a 15 second short, in semblance of an advertisement- it could be anything from a web-banner for a webpage, or a fake product, or a real one.
Obviously, I wanted to go all out.

I put together this little joke infomercial, with the goal of testing and limiting my Flash Animation capacity to what the program had to offer. Rather then use the interface as a traditional medium [drawing every cell], I capitalized on the technique of "cut out" and "swapping" symbols, only to hand draw props, and other small refinements to the models.
I admit, however, due to lack of time, I could not build the character with the proper archive of "swap", so I had to make due with the limits I had.

I had these cartoony werewolf designs for some time now, and wanted to use them as the base style for the overall piece. I love their adorable beady eyes!


Recently Added, Feb 06, 2011

I decided to let everyone have a sneak peak at the short film I am producing, with the help of my friend “Mishkedeh-Bizikhe”.
This is the storyboard of our film, and production is well under way- the layouts are being compiled and painted as of today.

“Good Words” is a short film that speaks about many issues- from conservation of our environment, as well as diversity of culture.
The audio is actually the opening to “500 Nations”... a documentary produced and released in the light of the “Dances with Wolves” phenomena.  While I cannot obtain the rights to the audio, I intended to produce this short anyways… more as an exercise in animation, as well as voicing a personal opinion bout our current state of environmental affairs.

Sometimes, I like having a project that is more about the self then the profit.


Recently Added; July 23, 2010

I've uploaded my thesis film "When Raven Stole the Moon", as well as some Shorts and my Pencil Tests to the site for viewing! I'll be adding Story Board animatics soon. You can expect more penil tests soon too- I have a few in the works for fun.