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Written, designed, animated, by: Bernice Gordon
Program Announcer: Kyle Loucks (
Royalty Free Music: Incompetech

We were required to produce a 15 second short as the final product of a Flash Animaiton course I attended in 2011. It had ot be created in the semblance of an advertisement- it could be anything from a web-banner for a webpage, or a fake product, or a real one.I chose a topic of interest, and just so happened to have a design I had been wanting to try out for the exact occasion!

I put together this little joke infomercial, with the goal of testing and limiting my Flash Animation capacity to what the program had to offer. Rather then use the interface as a traditional medium [drawing every cell], I capitalized on the technique of "cut out" and "swapping" symbols, only to hand draw props, and other small refinements to the models.
I admit, however, due to lack of time, I could not build the character with the proper archive of "swap", so I had to make due with the limits I had.