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Recently Added, April 29, 2011

This past weekend, the Opera "Rose Marie" debuted. I had the AMAZING pleasure of working on the production with some insanely talented people... and now that it's over, I wanted to post  a visual process of creation; I summarized my carving of the Totem Pole stage prop from start to finish.

Working for the theater is the most stunning experience for me; as I said before, I am an avid traditionalist, and the theater is truly the setting for the classic arts... also demanding a different thought process and approach then most media. This totem pole is a perfect example f that- because I had to construct what would appear to be a pole made of wood, but factually an impossible task to be done in the short period of time I had.
Foam was the perfect solution-  I could work on every figure independently, and also care to make the cuts in the foam look like wood.
I hope that one day I will have the pleasure of working on my own theatrical production. I have too many ideas and inspirations that I need to get through. :)


Recently Added, March 17, 2011

Today is a momentous day for me.. for I get to début a project I have had in the works for a LONG time now.
May I present, NorDesign!

Based on the Prose and Poetic Edda,  Heroic Verses, and various Sagas,  NorDesign  is a series of designs that I have been creating to celebrate the richness or Norse Culture, and Scandinavian Folklore.
Seen here the first in the series of Jewelry- Wooden pendants of Fenrir, Loki, and a Viking Helm.

As time goes by, I'll be making more and more designs of various characters, and crafting them in a variety of styles- from hoodies and shirts, to Jewelry and leather goods.

To purchase any of these necklaces, please visit my Shop!


Recently Added; Dec 25, 2010

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday- and I hope everyone gets awesome gifts! ;)

Tonight’s upload bring us two very different kinds of leatherwork. The first is a bag that was used in a trade for craft. I got a hand drum in exchange for work on the bag- pyrography.

I let the bag tell me what it needed, and low and behold: It was a bear on a dream catcher. Not only was the result fantastic, but when returning it to it’s owner, the observing ladies were already making bids on it. Needless to say, a success. I also received one of the most amazing drums form the exchange! I’ll be painting it with my cycle for sure.

The next was a traded request as well: For a Knife Sheath.

On of many programs available at the NCC include a Martial Art that is the first and only Martial Art coming out of Canada- and it is officially recognized by the International Martial Arts Organization. By-yearly the group of Artisans are invited to Korea to display their techniques on an international stage. This form is called “Okichitaw” and it a Martial art that combines elements of Aikido, Taekwondo and Plains Cree Fighting Techniques.
One of the disciples- the “Vice”/Assistant to the Master literally gave me the shirt of his back- that featured a North West Pacific Eagle and Raven in a medallion. I immediately wanted to repay him and he requested a sheath for his training knife. I included the 2 animals dearest to him o the sheath. He liked it, and I was happy that he did. I love trading for things!


Recently Added; Dec 24, 2010

This was a blanket I made for a friend. It’s double the size of a regular hanging wall blanket, and one of the most original designs I had come up for one of these.

As you can se, it’s an Orca! And I didn’t want to go with the traditional arching Orca with Dorsal fin erected… I wanted to have more the long, swimming and flowing body to it. Needless to say, she loved it, and I was thrilled!
I also lucked out because when I went to Vancouver, I stopped by my trusty button store that supplies me with all my shell buttons of the blankets. They are a HEAVINLY bunch, and have some of the best prices on the market! So I stocked up a ton. This was the first blanket to be dawned with those buttons!


Recently Added; Dec 23, 2010

I was running through all my work files of this year, and found that I had a bunch of crafts that I had forgotten to upload! So I figured I’d remedy this by uploading them in whole categories for the next few days.
First category: Drums!

The Eagle drum was made for a Story Teller and Performer by the name of Melvin John. He was on Breakfast Television with it, drumming a song. I was so happy to see it on TV. It was awesomely humbling.

The Second was a gift for the Best Man at a wedding. His name in Spanish means “Rabbit” and so they commissioned me to paint a North West Pacific Styles Rabbit on a drum for him.


Recently Added; August 10, 2010

New Button Blanket added to Textiles

This hanging blanket measures 18.5" x 14", and features a North West Pacific Stylized Wolf head. This blanket was made for trade with a colleague at the Native Canadian Center of Toronto.


Recently Added; July 23, 2010

Welcome to a new Category on my website!
Here I get to show off some of my other unique skills that I have picked up over the years- from Textile to Wood Carving and more. I hope you enjoy the unique works I have produced, and look forward to more! I always have some craft project I’m working on simultaneously with my other work.