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Recently Added June 12, 2012

Next card in the set was pretty strait forward:

Oddly, it was also one that was completed in one sitting... usually fiddle with the cards and tweak them endlessly... and this one just didn't. Strait forward to the end.

Originally I had included the burning red eyes, but on a second glance I really did not want such an ominous look to it. The Emperor card isn't a bad on necessarily, so I wanted to alleviate any more-than-necessary negativity to it.


Recently Added May 10, 2012

They are Back! New Star Wars Tarot!

After along hiatus, I resumed making the Star Wars Tarot cards! My goal for one a week begins with the Ace of Swords.

I was deliberating multiple aspects of this card.
First, I originally drew a Padawan/Knight figure holding the sword, but opted to remove any figures for the "Ace" cards simply to avoid any confusions with the "Master" cards of the same suit.
Second, was the color of the card- I originally wanted a darker blue color, but wanted the Ace card to reflect the "general dominant" color of the suite. After reviewing my previous cards, the dominant "Purple" color prevailed [coincidentally the color of Mace's Sword, who is also the Master of the suit].

When designing this card, one of the images that banged through my head was using the symbol for the Order of the Knights as the actual base concept. I simply punched out a rough concept of fleshing out the symbol to its more physical form- Mace Windu's sword being utilized for the Lightsaber of choice [he IS the Master of Swords, after all], all the while the wings reflecting the 2 said of the Force Users.
I opted to use Green instead of Blue [for the wing] because of a color theory purpose, more than anything else. The blue made most of the card uniform in its visual presentation, and almost "invisible".
Once again, the Lightsaber and border are iridescent- simply not visible in the scan.

Now, my major issue is how to use the same concept with the other suits. Sadly, some of the logos that fit the visual side will not fit the symbolic side, or might imply that the suit is either "good" or "evil". Time to crack that drafting board!


Recently Added Feb 7, 2012

Added a wall-paper sozed goodie for you all! Our favorite Vampire-werewolf duo in action!

So for this Valentine's day [or more properly known, Horney Werewolf Day], as I do every year, I try and commemorate my favorite couple in some way just to show support for love.

And if it's not Horny Werewolf Day, show your support for the kick-ass women in our lives that handle every situation with a lot of grace, guns, and gusto!

For those who can't tell, it's my favorite couple doing what they do best: The frazzled girlfriend who never knows what's going on, and Selene who handles the situation.
[Just kiddin' Mikey, we love you even though you're clueless!]

Supersized wallpaper can be adjusted to any dimension.


Recently Added, March 21, 2011

I'm notorious for a few things.
The relevant things for tonight are; I will get seriously ill twice a year. These will be done within intervals of 5-6 months. And when I do, I usually turn to making fan art and indulge in non-employment projects to pass the time [and the symptoms] in peace.
Since I have been suffering a serious sinus infection, and upper respiratory irritation for the last 3 days, guys what I did to pass the time?

I've always wanted to make a layout using the "dry brush" technique. Since I had a sketch of Qui-gon and Obi-wan in my "Tarot" style, I figured I'd take the time and create the "spread" layout I had in my "sketches" folder.
That's a lot of quotations.

One of the concepts I was fancying over the last few years was to be able to see my art in the "Star Wars Insider" magazine. I would also indulge this little fantasy by adding that it would be in "Insiders" because of some 2d short or film I would produce with the SW character of choice.
Well, life has its own agendas, and while I might not have been able to make that short just yet [I always have idea on the back burner... who knows?], I figured I'd indulge myself and create the spread anyways.
Boy, I did say "Indulge" a lot in this post. And yet again, more quotations!
I'm on a feverish role.

Anyways, one of the things I would often imagine is how it "felt" to be in the Jedi temple. You know, those weird sentimental memories one has of specific ways the specific seasons would reflect in one's home? Like, how the sunlight hit a certain room, or the way the twilight would feel in a specific season... I wanted to try and capture those kinds of moments within the Jedi Temple.  So when recreating this interior, I wanted to have a layout that was deeply atmospheric.
Drawing upon a lot of the Buddhist temples, and medieval castle interiors, I wanted to have a "fire lit" corridor. Considering that SW is set in a technologically advanced galaxy, I figured that the torches or fire pots would be replaced by in-wall illuminations of the same color.
Gives the same feel, but for a galaxy far far away.


Recently Added, Feb 21, 2011

Happy birthday to me and my twin sister!!
Originally this was a Birthday Portrait for Allan Hyde - the very talented young fellow who made an incredible performance as Godric [True Blood].


Drawn out on a Canson board roughly 16" x 20".

I have to admit, I have always been a fan of foreign cinema due to my Eastern European background... and of the movies I have seen Mr. Hyde star in, I was taken aback at how talented someone so young could be. I even used on of the films he stared in as an analytical piece for a thesis in my university days [Attending Sheridan for Classical Animation ad Film making]. Truly, a talent I can see going VERY far in the industry.

I had saved the picture until I was notified that he would be receiving it soon... so on MY birthday, I decided to post it. :)


Recently Added; Jan 10, 2011

My new submission for my “Star Wars tarot” deck project I have been working on:

This had to be one of the most obvious cards since the first one I put up. While some of the Higher Anracha are labeled with concepts that are pretty much a giant indication of the visual content [Empress, Lovers, Etc], I found that many people could still dispute my choice of character/image. Except that when it came to this card in particular, I heard no one say otherwise. Jar Jar Binks was the main primary candidate, and most sufficient for “The Fool”.

Like the originals “Fool” Card, Jar Jar is aloof and seemingly unaware of the danger that lurks right around the corner- however I substituted the cliff with the war-tank behind him. The green and watery landscape of Naboo help build that contrast to the  “foreboding” dark base color the card is illustrated on-  and even the sky changes color from a serene blue, to a wild yellow. A card of “innocent ignorance wile inobservance” is the main criteria, and Jar Jar’s bright body color and jolly detached attitude plays the part really well.


Recently Added; Oct 27, 2010

And now, for an image of two men who are far more beautiful than I'll ever be.

I personally loved Season 3 of True Blood. I know a lot of fans just couldn't stop complaining about it, but I was on the edge of my seat pretty much the whole season. I also adored Russel and Talbot very much- for whatever their relationship might have been, it was Russel’s “Goodbye to Talbot” speech that had me in tears. I suppose it was because it was frank, true, and honest – and something we don’t get to see in relationships today anymore. Basically; love. Unconditional, and uncompromising.

That, and it was Dennis O'Hare delivering the lines. The sheer awesome of that man performing literally leaves a tear in the fabric of space-time-continuum.

I also noticed a scene where I think Russel was wearing a fish-net like stocking… and I was like DAMN… that DUDE is wearing those far better then I could EVER wear them.
Oh well.
The roses nearly gave me an aneurysm. But they were worth it! _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Recently Added; Oct 24, 2010

Second one in my series of True Blood Portraits.

No matter how many times I see Bill or Sookie, the first thing that runs across my mind is how Bill says "Suu-keh".

I'm particularly proud of myself since my mom actually recognized Anna Paquinn in this one. She doesn’t watch True Blood, so she doesn't know who any of these people are... but she did remember Anna from another of her movies.

Fever is mildly here. But I'm feeling much better today- I think I'll go to Aikido tomorrow.


Recently Added; Oct 22, 2010

I have the flu.
And this is what I do to while away the time with a 39.7c [103f] fever.
I also passed out twice while working on this... turns out, my childhood fainting-of-fever still continues to this very day.

I have the flu.
And this is what I do to while away the time with a 39.7c [103f] fever.
I also passed out twice while working on this... turns out, my childhood fainting-of-fever still continues to this very day.

I love True Blood. It's such an awesome show. I wish I could get my hands on the Gordric T-shirt or the Lou Pine's one. I'll be doing more of these so long as I am sick. I can't focus on my bigger projects since they demand more concentration, so portraiture keep me preoccupied enough to just forget about how bad I'm feeling.

My scanner totaly mangles the contrast on these things. Some places it's higher, others so low saturated, it looks like there is no toning. Can't stop complaining about this enough. :)


Recently Added; Oct 04, 2010

This one comes a little late but with good reason: I have begun production on another animated short. So my time is now dedicated between multiple part time jobs, these tarot cards, commissions, and an animated short.
Don’t you worry, I’m still aiming for minimum 1 a week with these babies!

Into the flames with us!

In my deck, I changed the elements of the specific suites; particularly between Swords and Staves [Wands]. Because I associate wood with air, and swords with aggression- hence fire- I switched them in my deck. While this image is reminiscent of the Staves [Wands] Knight, because of its aggressive association I switched it to Swords.
And I can do whatever I want because this is my deck so na-na-na-boo-boo.

A little note about the “horse” Anakin is ridding. Years ago when watching the prequels (Episode 2 just came out) I was a little disheveled that the “Knights” did not have “horses”. You can’t be a “Knight in shinning armor one a white horse” if there isn’t any horse!
So obviously, I took it upon myself to create horse-like creature, but keep some obvious “alien animal” qualities to it (Dude, ANLTERS!). Of course, since then there were a number of “mounts” used I the SW saga, but I’m partial to my “horse” thing because it’s mine and I think it’s cool and I used to SW RPG with one!


Recently Added; Sept 25, 2010

What a trying week. First I messed up on the original card I was working on- so I decided to move onto something more harmonious to cleans the horrible after taste of bitter failure.
And who talk more Harmony than the Master of Energy?

Dear Mr. Jinn,
Your hair is red-brown. Not white. Even thought you insist in every design of mine to HAVE white hair, it is indeed red-brown. Being so adamant is only trying my guilt of Fan Accuracy vs. Guilt of Artistic License and puts me in a fowl mood.
I understand you have are the “Grey Jedi”; however that is a metaphoric reference, not a physical trait. Please make that distinguishing differentiation as to allow me to proceed with designing your cards without the need to foam at the mouth.

Your much-needing-a-valium fan,

Like it’s family-card (Padawan of Energy), Master of Energy depicts not only the “flow” of energy, but also the associative element of Water.  “King” of this family, it once again amused me how accurately Qui-gon’s character description modeled the King of Cups- from the diplomatic and non-aggressive approach to disputes, all the way to the tirelessly devious attitude if crossed. Obi-wan predecessor without a doubt.

It was one monstrous week for me: Every single day another horrible event. I’m glad it’s over, and I’m glad I chose to do this card to quell the artistic blunder earlier this week. As we say in Aikido Class: Sometime, all we need is a bit of Harmony.


Recently Added; Sept 14, 2010

I have to admit, this card was no short of an adventure.
But then again, what would you expect form Han Solo, Scourge of the Space?
May I present, the Master of Planets.

This was a card that started off as very plain. I realized that it would pack a punch after the color was applied- and it did. However, during the course of it, there was an off-again, on-again love-hate relationship with the card. And I just kept reminding myself to hang in there- the color would vastly improve it.

Also, during my time working on the card, Jason Derulo’s “Riding Solo” came on the radio at least half a dozen times. This only made me laugh every time it did- because the first few times I heard that song I couldn’t help but think about Han Solo when he hit the chorus. So eventually when the song came on, I would hold up my card and point when he said “Solo”.

A special shout out to “shadechristiwolven” for helping me decide upon the final suite of the deck! The suit of Pentacles is hereby known as “Planets”.  As the most Grounded of the suites, Han fits both the Material aspects, as well as the business-like quality of the suite. While I never understood all the other girls fascination with the “bad boy heart throb”, and that whole “I love you-I know” bit made me want to slap him across the face- there is no doubt that deep down, Han is a good guy. Deep deep Down.
Deep deep deep DEEP down.
Anyhow, originally he was also going to hold his blaster.. but it seemed so “eh” out of place in the card. I like it the way it is. The gold “planet” Han hold is also iridescent… and I’m STILL wishing I had a better scanner for these. Killin’ me here.

Also, in another amazing turn of events, this card has an odor to it. I don’t know how, I don’t know why… but using my Golden Ochre Pencil on the board made it begin to smell like… well, something probably you would smell around a Scruffy Nerfherder like Solo.

Han Shot First.


Recently Added; Sept 06, 2010

One of the most intriguing cards of this deck (I think so at least) was also one of the ones that simply “came to me” image and all without any fighting. In fact, I didn’t have to maul over the idea at all! *BA BUM CHING!*

In consistency with the Star Wars theme, the changing of the suits, and some of the titles/names, “The Devil” card is hereby known as “The Sith” card in the deck.

I had a busy week these past three weeks, and so I wanted to make up for it by putting out at least 2 cards this week, and I’m aiming for a grand total of 4 cards. I also have to make some arrangements, as I wan to reopen commissions for a couple of months now- so hopefully I can see through my 4 cards this week.
So far, it’s off to a strong start!

Piercing eyes are piercing.
Can’t g to sleep- Mauly’s going to eat you!


Recently Added; August 29, 2010

The Master of Swords- both the suite and the SW universe- would obviously be The Master Swordsman; Mace Windu.

I really saw a very strong, dominant figure for the card- a pillar, if you will. But lots of fire- as in my deck, the Swords are the suite for Fire. That in itself is the reason for the bright, sun heavy and warm palette for the card. I also used the iridescent colors for the border and this time the Lightsaber as well!
Funny little fact, when I was coloring the sky,  had forgotten to leave space for the Lighsbater blade- so I had to continue and figure out how I would implement it. Enter one of my favorite mediums: Gouache! So the Lighsaber blade is actually gouache.

I am really very frustrated with the quality of my scanner, particularly with this card. The original really has a very strong presence to it- contrasting the background with darker foregrounds, and the figure is very crisp- but my scanner is just not cooperating at all. I had to scan it half a dozen times, and then fiddle with it endlessly. Needless to say, I tried to get it as close to the original as possible- but with no luck. I really have to look into investing into a new scanner when I can afford it.

I had a tiring week this week- being a Camp Counselor for 18 children between the ages of 6-11. Needless to say, I only managed to finish one piece for the deck- which I wish could have been more. It is also the reason I am missing yet another convention: FanExpo. So again, I am left without any Star Wars shenanigans to tie me over. On the bright side, next week I do have another 6 days work week- but it probably will let me focus on doing at least 2 images!