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Recently Added August 27, 2012

Finished commisison for client.

I'm loving the layout, so I'm positng that one up sans the charcaters as well. :)


Recently Added August 18, 2012

Partial commission for client.

Seen above the thumbnail concept. Below, the line art to the layout. I will be posting the colored version, and the final character images as well, when I complete them.
On a side note, I picked up a Star Wars comic today. It has Qui-gon in it. This makes me so happy. :)


Recently Added July 22, 2012

Did a couple of layout matte paintings for fun the other night.

I'm probably going to do a swampy one soon. I'm having an inkling for some nice water-light play. Also gearing up for my Graphic Novel, so I am putting extra hours into the painting so that I can get the palettes spot on. :)
I'm also thinking that I would LOVE to go camping in that second chasm layout. I'd also paint some pictographs on the wall... just for fun.


Recently Added June 24, 2012

I posted 4 layouts I had done while working at BigBadBoo studios in Vancouver.

These are featured in the second season of "1001 Nights", and I am especially proud of them because they were designed by myself. I was assigned these "master locations" when we found out some were missing from the "Fun Pack".. and it sure was super fun to create! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Recently Added March 4, 2012

Commission for Client.


I admit, I had a SUPER fun time working on this. Getting back to some pencil and acrylic basics and makin' me some fun!
I'm hoping to get an airbrush compressor soon and start testing out that medium as well. Now that I'm getting more animal-oriented images, I want to be able to do those really funky atmospheric perspective BGs with an airbrush. Totally diggin' it.


Recently Added Jan 2, 2012

Commission for client. It's the Big Bad Moogie!

A Newfie dog, doing what they do best- loving the snow! This particular commission commemorates Morgan's first encounter with the snow.


Recently Added Dec 30, 2011

Commission for client. Anthro Seagull whom I'm assuming gives the ol' pidgeon feeders a good scare.

He isn't in it for the crumbs, folks... he wants the whole loaf!


Recently Added August 18, 2011

Commission for client.

In the character description, the client specified that the [rune] scars subside and prevent the minotaur character from casting his own magic. I wanted to capitalize on the conflicts that are imminent within the character [emotional, physical]  the clash of Red-blue complimentary color scheme.

Sadly, my laptop and my cintiq are set to 2 different resolutions... so I'm left frustrated trying to get the image to look the same on each monitor.


Recently Added July 6, 2011

I added some Layouts to the layout section of the website.






Some of them are from a personal project I'm working on, and others from freelance work, and one just 'cause.


Recently Added, March 19, 2011

Now Advertising! Tickets are ON SALE for the production I am a part of:

This is my flyer for advertising the production. I am excited to be participating in it- I get to carve a very large stage prop [totem pole!] and dress "Black Eagle", as performed by Sundance Crowe!
As you can tell, the theme of "Black Eagle" is perpetuated in the flyer by the figure of a Black Eagle in the sky. It's a big turning point in the story, so I won't give it away! If you want to know more, come on down to see it yourself!
April 15/16 8pm!

Head on over to to purchase tickets.


Recently Added, Feb 11, 2011

I did some animal caricatures, and wanted to post a couple of my favorites.

I really try and push the emotionality with my caricatures- and try to avoid the common style for the specific animals. Not that stylizing a wolf in the reminiscence of “Balto” is wrong, but after some times it leaves you wanting another take on such a design.

I just got my Cintiq today! And what an occasion. I’ll probably be doing at least a sketch a day with it in the near future… that is, after I finish making my twin sister’s b-day gift. This weekend is set aside for that!


Recently Added, Feb 04, 2011

I was commissioned to create an illustration that had a Japanese Theme/content to it.
I really had fun with the layout... it was something that popped in to my mind immediately, and I managed to execute it the exact way I “saw” it.

I have to say, nothing is more gratifying to an [illustration] artist then being able to design and execute the exact image they hand in their mind, only to find out that it works from a design perspective, and the client loves it.
So good for the self esteem. XD


Recently Added, Jan 30, 2011

Recently I was hired to create some designs that will go on adhesive covers for Snowboards. We were encouraged to keep our own distinct styles when designing boards and board content, and so I took my Animal and Ancient Cultures aspects and decided to create some board geared toward essence.

I titled each piece accordingly- “African King”, “Fearless Rider”, “Bunny Hop”, and “Thunderbird”.

The covers themselves will be available through when the site goes live at the end of the month. The best part? The covers themselves aren’t for Snowboard use ONLY… because they are adhesive vinyl they can be used as wall décor, skateboard décor, and even for Craft purposes. In other words- let your imagination run wild with what you can do! I had someone suggest that they will use them to warp album/sketchbook covers. Not bad, eh?

There will be more to come in the likes of these… so I created a new category under the Illustration category that will be dedicated to all the Snowboard designs.


Recently Added, Jan 12, 2011

I added a new section to the "Conceptual" category under "Illustration".
I do Logo and Icon work in my freelance, and decided to put up some of the ones I've done. I put up a couple of them here as an enticing preview. ;)

This is one of the more recent ones. While not a complete project [alterations will be requested in the near future] I liked the basic sheet of concepts I submitted for the project. Simply enough, the logo required a "Cute female Robot" with "Thick and lots of eyelashes" for the client. Working with the title of the company [fembotika], I played around with possible Font Logos, as well as character.

The Aboriginal Sports and Wellness Council of Ontario was looking for a logo that would embody their Mission Statement, while keeping with the content of their actual company title. So I selected a bunch of symbolic figures and worked them together to create a total of 26 different logos that could be applied to their industry.

To see the rest of the logos and icons, feel free to go to the New Category and check them out!