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Recently Added Oct 10, 2011

The last couple of months have been super at the studio, but as always that doesn't mean I'm not perusing some personal projects!
I'm pleased to announce that I was invited to attend a Norse/Celtic/ and Fantasy art festival this upcoming Dec. As such, NorDesign will be releasing a few new products into circulation.

Both shirts feature Norse related charcaters, and are available in S-XL sizes!

Drop by The Shop in order to view ororder NorDesign items!


Recently Added August 18, 2011

Commission for client.

In the character description, the client specified that the [rune] scars subside and prevent the minotaur character from casting his own magic. I wanted to capitalize on the conflicts that are imminent within the character [emotional, physical]  the clash of Red-blue complimentary color scheme.

Sadly, my laptop and my cintiq are set to 2 different resolutions... so I'm left frustrated trying to get the image to look the same on each monitor.


Recently Added August 11, 2011

NorDesign Pendant are all SOLD OUT!
I would like to thank everyone for making the pendants a huge success! They are now being featured in "Vikings, Dragons, and Fairies" store here in Vancouver British Colombia! Check out their webpage for more info.
Stay tuned for Series two, coming soon- to feature some recognizable figures, and some more obscure. :)


Recently Added, July 17, 2011

Good news everyone!
I was recently hired by a studio in Vancouver... so I have been on the West Coast for 2 weeks now, having the time of my life!

My updates might come sparse as a result, but I'll keep you guys updated with pics and info when I have it!


Recently Added, July 6, 2011

I added some Layouts to the layout section of the website.

Some of them are from a personal project I'm working on, and others from freelance work, and one just 'cause.


Recently Added, June 21, 2011

6 weeks ago I enrolled in a Flash Animation program in order to bring my technical skills up to date.
For the course, we were required to produce a 15 second short, in semblance of an advertisement- it could be anything from a web-banner for a webpage, or a fake product, or a real one.
Obviously, I wanted to go all out.

I put together this little joke infomercial, with the goal of testing and limiting my Flash Animation capacity to what the program had to offer. Rather then use the interface as a traditional medium [drawing every cell], I capitalized on the technique of "cut out" and "swapping" symbols, only to hand draw props, and other small refinements to the models.
I admit, however, due to lack of time, I could not build the character with the proper archive of "swap", so I had to make due with the limits I had.

I had these cartoony werewolf designs for some time now, and wanted to use them as the base style for the overall piece. I love their adorable beady eyes!


Recently Added, June 5, 2011

Commission for client;
They wanted me to depict a family crest in the NWP style, all the while including the interior figures to a certain degree.
Featured here, Dog and Eagle.

It is to note that a common way some artist's depict the difference between a Dog and a Wolf will be with small, secondary features- such as the ears. I was taught by a local Squamish artist about that design variance. When I asked why his wolf seemed to have "backward ears", he clarified the former concept to me. I asked his permission to use the same concept, and he gave me that permission.


Recently Added, March 21, 2011

I'm notorious for a few things.
The relevant things for tonight are; I will get seriously ill twice a year. These will be done within intervals of 5-6 months. And when I do, I usually turn to making fan art and indulge in non-employment projects to pass the time [and the symptoms] in peace.
Since I have been suffering a serious sinus infection, and upper respiratory irritation for the last 3 days, guys what I did to pass the time?

I've always wanted to make a layout using the "dry brush" technique. Since I had a sketch of Qui-gon and Obi-wan in my "Tarot" style, I figured I'd take the time and create the "spread" layout I had in my "sketches" folder.
That's a lot of quotations.

One of the concepts I was fancying over the last few years was to be able to see my art in the "Star Wars Insider" magazine. I would also indulge this little fantasy by adding that it would be in "Insiders" because of some 2d short or film I would produce with the SW character of choice.
Well, life has its own agendas, and while I might not have been able to make that short just yet [I always have idea on the back burner... who knows?], I figured I'd indulge myself and create the spread anyways.
Boy, I did say "Indulge" a lot in this post. And yet again, more quotations!
I'm on a feverish role.

Anyways, one of the things I would often imagine is how it "felt" to be in the Jedi temple. You know, those weird sentimental memories one has of specific ways the specific seasons would reflect in one's home? Like, how the sunlight hit a certain room, or the way the twilight would feel in a specific season... I wanted to try and capture those kinds of moments within the Jedi Temple.  So when recreating this interior, I wanted to have a layout that was deeply atmospheric.
Drawing upon a lot of the Buddhist temples, and medieval castle interiors, I wanted to have a "fire lit" corridor. Considering that SW is set in a technologically advanced galaxy, I figured that the torches or fire pots would be replaced by in-wall illuminations of the same color.
Gives the same feel, but for a galaxy far far away.


Recently Added, March 19, 2011

Now Advertising! Tickets are ON SALE for the production I am a part of:

This is my flyer for advertising the production. I am excited to be participating in it- I get to carve a very large stage prop [totem pole!] and dress "Black Eagle", as performed by Sundance Crowe!
As you can tell, the theme of "Black Eagle" is perpetuated in the flyer by the figure of a Black Eagle in the sky. It's a big turning point in the story, so I won't give it away! If you want to know more, come on down to see it yourself!
April 15/16 8pm!

Head on over to to purchase tickets.


Recently Added, March 16, 2011

Today is a momentous day for me.. for I get to début a project I have had in the works for a LONG time now.
May I present, NorDesign!

Based on the Prose and Poetic Edda,  Heroic Verses, and various Sagas,  NorDesign  is a series of designs that I have been creating to celebrate the richness or Norse Culture, and Scandinavian Folklore.
Seen here the first in the series of Jewelry- Wooden pendants of Fenrir, Loki, and a Viking Helm.

As time goes by, I'll be making more and more designs of various characters, and crafting them in a variety of styles- from hoodies and shirts, to Jewelry and leather goods.

To purchase any of these necklaces, please visit my Shop!


Recently Added, March 7, 2011

I wanted to make an official announcement, as I am VERY excited about this:
I was hired by a local Opera and Theater company to take part in a stage production [Opera] of "Rose Marie!"
My involvement includes the artistic design and creation of "Black Eagle's" regalia, and some artwork to be used during the course of the actual production. I'm also in-charge of designing and creating a totem pole for one of the major dance numbers!
Needless to say, as an avid Theater patron and supporter, this is a wondrous opportunity for me!

I have also been advising the crew about some First Nations topics, and it has been MORE than a delight to work with such talented and inspiring people!
To find out more about Wish Opera, and book ticket sot the event, please go to their website at:

I'll be posting some of the production work, as well as more info as work progresses on the production.
Stay tuned! It will be an extravagant performance!


Recently Added, March 5, 2011

Today is the birthday of a DEAR friend of mine.
Eric "Kuba" Ash is a close comrade of mine whom I have had the honor and pleasure of calling a friend. One of the things that I seem to capitalize upon is having the most unique people as my close relations. Eric is one of them.


Eric is a Tiger conservationist. Now I know he would argue my statement, since he believes that he is not an "official" of the business, that he shouldn't claim to be so. l However this is not the case.
Working in Wolf and Wolverine conservation, along with Wetland and Amphibian,  I have come to see that many of the hands-on and conservation enthusiast dedicate relentless hours- voluntarily- to the conservation of our planet in many ways. Eric is one of those people.
Eric spent his own time [8 months] and money to travel to distant places, such as India and Indonesia.  on a self made mission to save Tigers. He even went undercover in a black market to expose the illegal trade of Tiger parts.

Eric is an inspiration. A soul dedicated not to himself, but to the bettering of a species that is in desperate need of help. He is selfless and displays an extreme amount of courage [ask him to tell you about the dude in the white van]. He is incredibly resourceful, and truly displays an intrinsic knowledge of Tigers and all that he cares for.

For all those interested in reading Eric's travels and logs, you can go to his Blog. Not only does he have an extensive 15 part travel log in his journeys to India, but also a very moving and inspiring origin story of how he got into the business of saving one of the world's most endangered big cats.
His blog can be found here :

Eric, I hope you have MANY years of success and laughter. Many years of strength and courage, and many MANY years of saving Tigers. If there was any way to measure one's determination, and manifest it into a physical material; yours would be amongst the richest I've ever seen.

And of course, may you enjoy the wish of WINGED TIGERS!

P.S. I have no idea why I drew you in Roman armor... maybe I was secretly wanting to draw shiny boobies. XD


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