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Recently Added, Feb 21, 2011

Happy birthday to me and my twin sister!!
Originally this was a Birthday Portrait for Allan Hyde - the very talented young fellow who made an incredible performance as Godric [True Blood].

godric meets the light

Drawn out on a Canson board roughly 16" x 20".

I have to admit, I have always been a fan of foreign cinema due to my Eastern European background... and of the movies I have seen Mr. Hyde star in, I was taken aback at how talented someone so young could be. I even used on of the films he stared in as an analytical piece for a thesis in my university days [Attending Sheridan for Classical Animation ad Film making]. Truly, a talent I can see going VERY far in the industry.

I had saved the picture until I was notified that he would be receiving it soon... so on MY birthday, I decided to post it. :)


Recently Added, Feb 03, 2011

Last year I was commissioned to design an image in North West Pacific Formeline style based on someone’s dream.
After I was certain that not cultural taboo would be broken by designing the image, I was actually very interested to work on it; mainly because it’s main motif is something close to me personaly, and so I identify with it immediately.

I was taken by the description of all the crows harassing the mother figure for food, and the mother trying to chide her son into calming down.
I wanted to really have that element encompassed in the image; the Motherhood theme, the symbol of the Protector. But I also love the symbolic correlation to the birds, and that connection to nature. So I depicted a mother clearly relaxed and "smiling" with one hand up (the palm face forward is a sign of peace and welcome), second hand around her baby who is crying. This symbol is one of motherhood, and motherhood compassion and protection. A common motif in Aboriginal art.
Second, the ring of crows all around the mother- this visually helps that feeling of foreboding the child feels because of being encompassed by so many birds, but the relaxed figure of the mother puts the viewers mind at ease. Also, the birds are not foreboding, and their beaks- while open- not gaping wide... they are also seemingly making a pattern similar to rays of light off the Sun… and almost look like they too are protecting the mother, as opposed to serious threat.


Recently Added, Jan 30, 2011

Recently I was hired to create some designs that will go on adhesive covers for Snowboards. We were encouraged to keep our own distinct styles when designing boards and board content, and so I took my Animal and Ancient Cultures aspects and decided to create some board geared toward essence.

I titled each piece accordingly- “African King”, “Fearless Rider”, “Bunny Hop”, and “Thunderbird”.

The covers themselves will be available through when the site goes live at the end of the month. The best part? The covers themselves aren’t for Snowboard use ONLY… because they are adhesive vinyl they can be used as wall décor, skateboard décor, and even for Craft purposes. In other words- let your imagination run wild with what you can do! I had someone suggest that they will use them to warp album/sketchbook covers. Not bad, eh?

There will be more to come in the likes of these… so I created a new category under the Illustration category that will be dedicated to all the Snowboard designs.


Recently Added, Jan 12, 2011

I added a new section to the "Conceptual" category under "Illustration".
I do Logo and Icon work in my freelance, and decided to put up some of the ones I've done. I put up a couple of them here as an enticing preview. ;)

This is one of the more recent ones. While not a complete project [alterations will be requested in the near future] I liked the basic sheet of concepts I submitted for the project. Simply enough, the logo required a "Cute female Robot" with "Thick and lots of eyelashes" for the client. Working with the title of the company [fembotika], I played around with possible Font Logos, as well as character.

The Aboriginal Sports and Wellness Council of Ontario was looking for a logo that would embody their Mission Statement, while keeping with the content of their actual company title. So I selected a bunch of symbolic figures and worked them together to create a total of 26 different logos that could be applied to their industry.

To see the rest of the logos and icons, feel free to go to the New Category and check them out!


Recently Added; Jan 10, 2011

My new submission for my “Star Wars tarot” deck project I have been working on:

This had to be one of the most obvious cards since the first one I put up. While some of the Higher Anracha are labeled with concepts that are pretty much a giant indication of the visual content [Empress, Lovers, Etc], I found that many people could still dispute my choice of character/image. Except that when it came to this card in particular, I heard no one say otherwise. Jar Jar Binks was the main primary candidate, and most sufficient for “The Fool”.

Like the originals “Fool” Card, Jar Jar is aloof and seemingly unaware of the danger that lurks right around the corner- however I substituted the cliff with the war-tank behind him. The green and watery landscape of Naboo help build that contrast to the  “foreboding” dark base color the card is illustrated on-  and even the sky changes color from a serene blue, to a wild yellow. A card of “innocent ignorance wile inobservance” is the main criteria, and Jar Jar’s bright body color and jolly detached attitude plays the part really well.


Recently Added; Dec 25, 2010

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday- and I hope everyone gets awesome gifts! ;)

Tonight’s upload bring us two very different kinds of leatherwork. The first is a bag that was used in a trade for craft. I got a hand drum in exchange for work on the bag- pyrography.

I let the bag tell me what it needed, and low and behold: It was a bear on a dream catcher. Not only was the result fantastic, but when returning it to it’s owner, the observing ladies were already making bids on it. Needless to say, a success. I also received one of the most amazing drums form the exchange! I’ll be painting it with my cycle for sure.

The next was a traded request as well: For a Knife Sheath.

On of many programs available at the NCC include a Martial Art that is the first and only Martial Art coming out of Canada- and it is officially recognized by the International Martial Arts Organization. By-yearly the group of Artisans are invited to Korea to display their techniques on an international stage. This form is called “Okichitaw” and it a Martial art that combines elements of Aikido, Taekwondo and Plains Cree Fighting Techniques.
One of the disciples- the “Vice”/Assistant to the Master literally gave me the shirt of his back- that featured a North West Pacific Eagle and Raven in a medallion. I immediately wanted to repay him and he requested a sheath for his training knife. I included the 2 animals dearest to him o the sheath. He liked it, and I was happy that he did. I love trading for things!


Recently Added; Dec 24, 2010

This was a blanket I made for a friend. It’s double the size of a regular hanging wall blanket, and one of the most original designs I had come up for one of these.

As you can se, it’s an Orca! And I didn’t want to go with the traditional arching Orca with Dorsal fin erected… I wanted to have more the long, swimming and flowing body to it. Needless to say, she loved it, and I was thrilled!
I also lucked out because when I went to Vancouver, I stopped by my trusty button store that supplies me with all my shell buttons of the blankets. They are a HEAVINLY bunch, and have some of the best prices on the market! So I stocked up a ton. This was the first blanket to be dawned with those buttons!


Recently Added; Dec 23, 2010

I was running through all my work files of this year, and found that I had a bunch of crafts that I had forgotten to upload! So I figured I’d remedy this by uploading them in whole categories for the next few days.
First category: Drums!

The Eagle drum was made for a Story Teller and Performer by the name of Melvin John. He was on Breakfast Television with it, drumming a song. I was so happy to see it on TV. It was awesomely humbling.

The Second was a gift for the Best Man at a wedding. His name in Spanish means “Rabbit” and so they commissioned me to paint a North West Pacific Styles Rabbit on a drum for him.


Recent Update. Dec. 20th, 2010

Discussing what I was saying a day ago, one of the basic issues with North West Pacific Style of art, is being granted the permission to depict “out of the norm” images. As with the dragon, I had to ask special permission to depict the following:

After already straining my capacity to do mythic creatures [see previous post with the dragon], I even thought of myself bold and somewhat rude for going back and asking to cross one of those “final” lines- asking to draw an animal that was NOT local to this continent.
Instantly, I was refused. And I admit, I didn’t put up a fight because I walked in there already feeling as if I was asking for too much and just being “greedy”.
But luck [coincidence?] would have it, as all Native centers, locals, and organizations do- they were hosting Aboriginals from other parts of the world.

You see, it isn’t uncommon to find a Band hosting someone from another country- in the NCC (Native Canadian Center- where I work) we have hosted, Ainu, Sami, Maori, and even African Aboriginals of many varieties.
That day, the local organization was hosting a small presentation of Koori folk (I think there was a Nunga amongst them as well, not 100% sure) who had come with an art-presentation group. Like most cultures, creating performing groups to travel the world and present their culture on a world stage while raising awareness of their political plights in their home country.
I hung around for the performance [obviously] and lucky for me, one of my local friends was far more pushy and persuasive than I- and somehow began to inquire with the foreign troop if they would be interested in an “Exchange”.
This is one of those concepts in Native culture which I like the most- you see, “paying a price” does NOT refer to actually paying money. It usually means having to do something a lot greater than that, and when it comes to “exchanging” or “trading”- you might actually be trading a lot more than you bargained for.
My friend enticed the Koori men to want to see some of their homeland creatures drawn out in the local art style. They then asked what would need to be done in order for them to “obtain” that, and of course as most Native cultures usually do, immediately went to speak to the Elders. A “trade” was set up where the Koori men would trade some of their art [carvings] and songs in exchange for a few images drawn in NWP style. Like the NWP culture, the rights to carve or depict a certain figure will remain familial, or even personal depending on the situation. It was then set up that I would have to “trade” something in order to be one of the artisans to depict certain figures. I accepted, and was granted to choose one of the animals- I chose Kangaroo.

One of the reasons it took me SO long to post this was because I was completing the “price” for my side of the deal, and only finished them about a day or two ago. I would have waited for the post to deliver my part of the bargain before I did, but I was assured that I could after I had sent out the package, and not wait until it arrived.
Let’s pray that it WILL arrive safely, otherwise I’m going to look like a thief!


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